What are foil bags used for?

Aluminum foil bag is a packaging bag made of a variety of plastic films. It generally has four layers, with strong functions and a wide range of applications,they used in such as food packaging, or chemical raw material packaging, etc. For this reason, the process and technology requirements of this kind of bag are extremely high.  What are the functions of aluminum foil bags? What are the advantages of aluminum foil bags?

一、The role of aluminum foil bag        

          1.It can used in various circuit board packaging, such as PC board;

          2.It can used in packaging electronic products, such as IC integrated circuits;

          3.It can used in packaging precision machinery accessories, such as SMT patches;

          4.It can used in packaging of consumer goods, such as lamp strips;

          5.for all kinds of food packaging, such as milk, fresh, pickled products, cooked food;  

          6.used for industrial products packaging, such as auto parts.

二、What are the advantages of aluminum foil bag

          1.Multi function

          The aluminum foil bag has many functions, such as blocking air and resisting high temperature. It is widely used in food packaging because it is non-toxic and tasteless, and has good softness and fragrance retention. In addition, the aluminum foil bag has good high barrier performance and strong mechanical performance, so its explosion resistance, puncture resistance and tear resistance are several times that of ordinary bags.

          2. variety  

          Many different kinds of aluminum foil bag, according to the use of different parts, the requirement of packaging is not the same, such as used in food packaging, aluminum foil bag, called food production, must meet the requirements of food safety, in addition, the medicinal aluminum foil bags, aluminum foil bag and military aluminum foil bags, aluminum foil bag used in industry, intermediate of aluminum foil bag, energy-saving aluminum foil bag, high temperature resistant aluminum foil bag and so on. 

Conclusion: Aluminum foil bags are still very common in life, because they have good effects in preserving fragrance, quality and taste, so many foods use such packaging bags, such as milk, frozen food, meat products, aquatic products and bacon products.